Dauden History

From a city in Norway named Sarpsborg – creating disharmony and mystery – Dauden was put to life in the year 2007. A four piece band making dark music and doing concerts in Norway and abroad with bands like Ragnarok, Gehenna and Throne of Katarsis.

The first demo named ”Byllepesten” came out in 2008 on CD. Followed up by the EP ”Dauden” in 2011 on CD. The first full-length album ”My Soul will be Damned Forever” was released in 2015 on vinyl. A new area for Dauden started a short time after that release. Of different reasons, members left the band.

Malignant had a clear view, a recorder and soon a new album ready. He decided to walk the path alone. May 2019 he; Dauden, released the second full-length album “Dødsblikket”.

Dauden appears on a four split album with Drudensang, Hordagaard and Mork released by Dominance of Darkness Records on CD and by Narbentage Produktionen on cassette in 2015, containing one song from ”My Soul will be Damned Forever” and one unreleased song named “Once Victorious”, from the same recording session.

In 2012 Dauden made an interpretation of the song ”Satanic Supremacy” by Beastcraft. This track appeared on ”The Beast Awaken – A tribute to Trondr Alastor Nefas”, released by Imago Mortis Productions on CD in 2012.

From being a full band, today the drummer, songwriter and former member Malignant solely keeps the flame burning, continuing alone. Album No.3 will emerge from darkness in 2021.

Contact: daudenbooking@gmail.com