Dauden History

From being a full band, now the drummer, songwriter and original member Malignant solely keeps the black flame burning. Pure concentrated evil & darkness, as can be achieved when the mastermind is in total control of every aspect of the audible and graphical art that is Dauden.

Hailing from the Norwegian city of Sarpsborg – creating disharmony and mystery – Dauden was put to life in the year 2007. Then a four piece band making dark music and doing concerts in Norway and abroad with bands like Ragnarok, Gehenna and Throne of Katarsis.

The first demo named ”Byllepesten” came out in 2008 on CD. Followed up by the EP ”Dauden” in 2011 on CD. The first full-length album ”My Soul will be Damned Forever” was released in 2015 on vinyl.

Malignant then had a clear vision and decided to walk the path alone, September 2019 he released the second Dauden full-length album “Dødsblikket”.

Third album will emerge from darkness in 2022.

Contact: daudenbooking@gmail.com