Dauden Malignant


The man, the mystery, the creative source and spirit of Dauden; Malignant

Once they were… now there is – only him. The metal is extreme, now more than ever. Pure concentrated evil & darkness, as can be achieved when the mastermind left in total control of every aspect of the audible and graphical art that is Dauden.

Malignant’s main area of musical expertise is percussion battery, which he also performs as live-member for Mork, and until the year 2020 as member for Ragnarok. As of late, he also did drums on three songs for the upcoming Kharon album; Raised by Hellish Demons (remastered), and vocals on their latest spell.

Watch out for more uncompromising Norwegian Black Metal, as Malignant continues to wreak havoc and spread Dauden across the lands.

Contact: daudenbooking@gmail.com