INFERNAL – Biography

INFERNAL – Biography

The history of Norwegian INFERNAL starts with the band Thoth which spawned the two musicians Baal & Jontho, who both were hell-bent on playing drums. So in 1994 they split up Thoth, and Jontho went on to form Ragnarok, while Baal created his solo-project Baalberith. Baal was soon joined by Amon and Zyrn as session members, and the winter of 1997 they decided to lay Baalberith to rest and formed INFERNAL together in its stead. The same year Jon joined and INFERNAL recorded their first demo “Spread thy Wings”.

In 1998 INFERNAL recorded their second demo “Holy Unholy” which got them a label contract, but by 1999 the band was still waiting to record their first album, when it became evident that the label had failed to uphold their contract. By then Zyrn had also left the band for personal reasons.

On the brink of the new millennium INFERNAL entered the studio on their own in 2000 and recorded their third demo fittingly named “Cursed”, as soon after Amon & Jon also left the band.

Attempts were made by Baal to resurrect INFERNAL with a new line-up in 2001, but this proved unfruitful after just a few rehearsals, and INFERNAL settled into the dust…

In the next period Baal was involved in other projects such as Drephjard together with Zyrn, before they in 2019 decided to bring back INFERNAL, and in 2020 were joined by Berserk (ex Dauden).

Infernal has now joined with Hellstain Productions will release a compilation of remastered songs from their three original demos, titled “Eternal Disharmony.” The compilation, set to be released in spring 2023, is a tribute to the band’s past and marks the beginning of a new era for Infernal. With a mix of ideas from their silent years and current inspirations, the band is ready to forge ahead and create a new chapter in their musical journey.


ZYRN – Guitar & Vocals
BAAL- Drums & Cymbals

Original biography from 2001