This is the official Norwegian Unholy Metal band Infernal – since 1997

Infernal played live with Scars at Månen kulturhus, Gamlebyen, Fredrikstad 1st of June 2024

Infernal played live at Olavs pub in Greåker Sarpsborg 19th of April 2024

20.5.2023 : Interview with the band in Occult Black Metal Zine

Released 19th of May 2023!

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We mark the inclusion of Infernal to the Hellstain Production roster with their first official release “Eternal Disharmony”! This is a compilation of 10 selected songs from the three demos that Infernal spawned into the underground in 97, 99 & 2000.

25 years after the band was formed we honor their history with this release, before we continue into a new era together. The material on “Eternal Disharmony” has been remastered as an album to bring forth the true quality of the olden spirit, and we are proud to finally present this great material of Norwegian black metal history to a wider audience and new fans!