Kharon hails from the town Sarpsborg, Norway, and was originally formed under the name “Padox” in 1989 by Rigor (lead guitar) together with Kull (bass). Later Cryll (ex Baalberith and Infernal) joined on vocals, Kjell Vidar on drums and Pål Henrik on second guitar.

Anno 1990 the band changed their name to Immortal Enemy and Børni replaced Kjell Vidar on drums. Later the same year they switched drummer once more in favor of Stig. Then in 1991 they changed their band name once again, this time to Potency, and under this banner they released a rehearsal tape called “Abortus Provocatus”.

In 1992 the official and current band-name Kharon was established, and General Hymer (aka Thyme ex. Ragnarok) took over the drums. Same time Rym Vicious (Crowhead, Kald and ex Ragnarok) joined as the new guitarist and vocalist.

1993 Kharon contributed on the Ørevox Vol 1 compilation with the track “Coma of Hallucination”. The track was recorded live in studio and was released on casette tape by “Grønn Musikk”.

2001 Tamlin joined the band on second bass, and Kharon released their first demo; “The Fullmoon Curse”, recorded at Haunted House Studios. The demo contained three songs and was pressed in 1000 copies on cassette tape and distributed by Neodawn Productions.

2002 Jontho Pantera (Ragnarok) took over the drums from General Hymer who then focused on vocals, replacing Rym. This also shifted Kharon’s musical style and genre from Death Metal towards Black Metal with General Hymer’s screaming vocals and dark lyrics.

The first official release by Kharon was the EP “Raised by Hellish Demons”, containing six tracks and was recorded in the local studio Atic Sound. This also marked the end of the first era of Kharon, and after that the band was more or less dormant, except for some appearances on youtube with new material from Rigor together with Kull & General Hymer.

Until the plague struck in 2020, and Kharon resurfaced under the banner of Hellstain Productions, releasing a remixed and remastered version of “The Fullmoon Curse” combined with old live material. At the same time Kharon also started working on brand new material with vocalist Malignant of Dauden/Mork, which re-mixed and mastered together with material from the 2003 EP, and released in 2022 as their first full album called Shores of Acheron.

Until we meet on the shores of Acheron…