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Finally we present the Kharon album Shores of Acheron!
20 years in the making, and now fresh out of production with both old and new material mixed and mastered during the plague to become an what is the first full length from Kharon.

Released 11. March 2022 on gatefold gold vinyl, glossy digipack and digital on all channels

Head over to and to check it out!

Cover Art by Nestor Avalos

The Fullmoon Curse – Remastered 2020

Almost 20 years after their last release, Kharon is awaken by the plague and has joined forces with Hellstain Productions to re-release their first demo; The Fullmoon Curse.

Available now on CD @

The demo originally featured three blasting death metal classics with growling vocals of Rym Vicious, the first guitarist of Ragnarok, together with screaming backing vocals from General Hymer aka Thyme, also original member of Ragnarok and their first vocalist. The upcoming version of The Fullmoon Curse has been remastered in 2020 by metal icon Dan Swanö, and truly carries the flame of 90’s Norwegian metal with renewed strength and quality.

In addition to the three original songs; Hell on Earth, Sentenced to Death and title track The Fullmoon Curse, we have added the original recording of the song Coma of Hallucinations from the cassette release Ørevox – another classic in the same style as the three original songs, recorded live in studio in 1993 for “Grønn Musikk”.

As a final treat we have added two live songs from the darkest era of Norwegian metal history. The first is Necro Anal performed at a local club all the way back to 1990 when the band was called Potency – taped by Stian Culto in person, courtesy of The second live song; Sun Devoured, is from a promotional gig for the Ørevox release set in our very own “gladiator arena” Kullås, Sarpsborg, Norway – 1993.