Ulvhedner – Bio


Ulvhedner hails from the valley Sauda in the west of Norway, where they were formed by Svein Terje & Arild back in 1993. Evolving through the late 90’s synth-driven and melodic second wave of Norwegian black metal, Ulvhedner arrived at their folk influenced black metal sound inspired by among other the likes of Windir. Their first full length album “Før i Tida”, which roughly translates to “in old times”, saw the light of day in 2009. The next ten years Svein Terje carried the band as a single entity releasing two EP’s, and wrote all the material for a new album, resulting in “Legd”. The year of the plague 2020 Ulvhedner resurrected as a six-piece band to release “Legd” – with renewed energy, varied and aggressive soundscape “Legd” is a tale of local Norwegian folklore performed with the grim sound of old school cold Norwegian black metal.

Ulvhedner signed with Hellstain Productions early 2022, who releases the album Legd on vinyl for the first time 29th of July 2022, and with Imperium Festival 2022 as their releaseparty – a truly awesome event to mark a new era for the band moving forward!

When Ulvhedner was originally formed by Svein Terje and Arild back in 1993. The name changed several times between Skygge, Øde Vidder, Mithrim and Ulvhedner. There were a number of different members of the band during this period, but the core still persists. In addition to Arild on drums and guitar, Sigbjørn on synth, later Jan Rune on drums & Steinar on guitar, Ove Thomassen on bass was one of the band members who carried the flame in Ulvhedner for the longest time. Ove passed away in 2015 (RIP).
Other members of these first 16 years are Marius Westgård on guitar and Ole K. Abotnes on synth.

This period led to the recodring of three demos in Stavanger towards the end of the 1990s, two in Mansion Lydstudio and one at the Musikk Konservatorie. After the three demos, the ep “Ferdasyn” was recorded in Studio 1184 in 2005. This was released on cassette and eventually on split CD with Galdrer (with Marius at the forefront) on Northern Silence in May 2006. The period culminated in the recording and release of the debut album “Før i Tida” in 2009. It was also recorded in Studio 1184, with Tarald Lie from Tristania on drums. Svein Terje had then toured and eventually become a full member of Tristania, but he just left the band when “Før i Tida” saw the light of day. The album was released on cd by Frostscald Records.

After a concert as opener for Vreid at Tribute in Sandnes, there was less and less activity on the band front. Svein Terje kept the band in live on his own for the following 12 years. He co-founded the band Drylar as a project in started in connection with construction of rehearsal and studio space. Time and money is invested and the studio was named “Egne Hjem Metal Library” this breeds a small local metal scene. This is where Bjørnar first became involved in the music as the original drummer in Drylar. Ove P. Johnsen also joined early here on guitar various projects, with Windir cover among other things.

For Ulvhedner, these years led to “Ingen Veg Tilbake” in 2015, which involves Kay Morten Andersen (Drylar) and Emma Svendsen (later Bratland) (solo) on the song “Remember to Die”. It follows up with the mini album «Vaarkjenning» 2017 which features Ove P. Johnsen on guitar and neighbor boy Jon Eirik Bokn (Dead Trooper, Chrome Division (live), Trollfest (live), Venus Flycatchers, Tottal Tømming og Cult of Destiny) on drums.

In 2017, the solo project Blodørn also came out with its debut EP. This is Arild’s solo band with Svein Terje on drums in the production. The desire for more dynamism and thrust inspires a new gig with Arild behind the drums. “Fandens Inntog” was released digitally in 2020, while Svein Terje had full focus on the next Ulvhedner release.

«Legd» is the product of many years of song ideas and trials. With renewed energy behind the drums, the riffs were given new life and the soundscape more varied and aggressive. To mark this transition Bjørnar became a guest vocalist on the two opening tracks on «Legd». The album showed that Ulvhedner still had great potential as a band. Former band members showed newfound interest in being involved, and in the spring of 2021 Ulvhedner began practicing as a full band for the first time in over 12 years. Now with Arild on drums, Steinar and Ove J. on guitar, Sigbjørn on synth, Bjørnar on vocals and Svein Terje on bass and as main composer and band leader, Jan Rune joined in 2022 as live drummer.